Super One gets a calendar shake-up

The provisional 2015 Super One calendar had been released and the organisers have moved away from the Rotax/MSA format. There will be ten events in total with a slightly different mixture of classes at each and the xalendar is still provisional pending announcements from other series’ (chiefly the CIK, as Euromax is already announced).

Both X30 classes are on the programme but for four meetings as qualifiers for the X30 International Final in the Autumn. This is still subject to MSA approval.

Most other classes have seven rounds apart from KZ1 which has six. All classes apart from KZ1 will compete at the final event of the season on 27th September at PFi.

Llandow and Whilton Mill are back on the schedule and last year’s returning tracks, Buckmore and Little Rissington, appear again.


We have created the table above to make it easier to visualise what’s racing where, you can also download this as a PDF or XLSX.


International News Roundup No. 1

Marco Ardigo (CIK/
Marco Ardigo (CIK/


Race Reports



Vortex launches new direct drive engine


It’s the Rok Cup International Final this weekend at Lonato this weekend and as usual Vortex have some new engines to demonstrate.


The DVS is a direct drive (no clutch) 125cc engine with 38hp at 11000 RPM. Although specifications have yet to be confirmed by the CIK, it sounds similar to what we know about the KF replacement engines due for 2016.

The DVS does not require any special effort to be started, you push the kart gently, squeeze the decompression valve on the cylinder head and you are away.

  • Single-cylinder 2 stroke direct-drive engine
  • Reed valve intake in the crankcase
  • Displacement 125cc
  • Bore and stroke 54 x 54mm
  • Iron made cylinder and exhaust valve
  • 5 / 3 transfer ducts system
  • Oval exhaust with 2 boosters
  • L Segment
  • 38 Hp at 11.000 rpm
  • Max 16.000 rpm
  • Selettra analogue ignition
  • External pump liquid cooling system
  • Ibea carburettor
  • Mixture-lubricated
  • Push-to-start system with decompression valve
  • Centrifugal dry clutch
  • Exhaust system with intake silencer

There is also a new Micro Rok engine for Bambino-level racing.


UK karting by the numbers

  • The numbers seem to be holding up well and indeed the MSA reported an increase in race entries and permits from last year. High points include having an extra 60 NKF competitors at Wombwell boosting their last entry to 110, having 23 KZ UK entries for ABkC Super 4 at Kimbolton and a big entry of Honda Cadets at Bayford forming half the total entry there.
  • MSA General Secretary Simon Blunt informed the group that there had been an over 3% increase in participation this year from last which is really good news.
  • The licences to early September were 3734 and packs sold were 463 (compared with totals for 2013 of 3986 and 852).
  • The MSA is now able to give the real statistics on the number racing in each class and perhaps these will be publicised in due course. Currently Honda Cadet is the biggest class followed by Senior Rotax Max, and Shenington the track with the most entries, followed by Whilton Mill.
  • Regrettably 97 returns have not been made by certain clubs, and those clubs that are not sending their class data back are urged to do so otherwise a false idea of the size of some of the smaller classes may be made.

The above has been taken from the October ABkC Newsletter – which we will be editing for clarity and posting all week.